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Spirit People and Koko's String 003

Australia's Aborginal
Dot Art in Fabric

January 22 - March 5, 2017

About this Exhibit and the Artists

AustraliaAccording to Aboriginal mythology, Dreamtime is the time when the world was dark. There was nothing on earth. Soil was soft, theirforefathers sprang up from underneath the soil and started building most of the requirement for their future generations; e.g. they built mountains, rivers, waterholes, trees, light gardens and many more. The Dreamtime is not a religion or cult; it is the way of living or a philosophy of living.  

In 1971–1972, art teacher Geoffrey Bardon encouraged Aboriginal people in Papunya, north west of Alice Springs to put their Dreamings onto canvas. These stories had previously been drawn on the desert sand, and were now given a more permanent form.    

M&S Textiles Australia was established in the 1990’s to promote Aboriginal designs to the quilting community. The company pays each Aborigine participating as an artist a fair market wage and licenses these original indigenous art designs, guaranteeing authenticity.  Most of the Aboriginal designs printed by M&S Textiles have a Dreaming theme…Excerpted from the website of M & S Textiles, Collingwood, VIC, Australia,

Phyllis Hatcher has extensively studied fabrics since 1999 as anAmerican Quilters Society certified quilt appraiser. Phyllis lectures on quilt history, the molas of Panama’s San Blas Islands, Australian Aboriginal fabric designs, and teaches quilting classes across the United States as well as in the central Australian outback’s Northern Territory.

The Art Ministry

The Woods Art Ministry was created out of the conviction that the arts have an important role to play in the life of the church. Throughout history, the arts have been one of the significant ways that people express and understand religious truth.

The Art Ministry is responsible for art exhibits in the Wood Gallery and, from time to time, offers programs and resources related to the visual arts. These have included workshops, field trips and tours to view significant art, as well as providing visual arts for use in worship (banners, projected images, etc.)