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ChristCare Small Groups

At Woods we believe that the best disciples of Jesus Christ connect with Christ with both head and heart. Our ChristCare small group ministry enables participants to do this by providing a context where belonging to Christ goes hand in hand with belonging in community with others. Through regular Bible study, prayer and worship, fellowship and service, ChristCare participants deepen their relationships with God and one another. Join a ChristCare group and you will find both the God you seek and best friends to support you on your journey of faith.

You can pick the group that works best for you based upon when and how frequently it meets, what it is studying, or what you have in common with its participants. Most of our newest ChristCare members start in September or January. But groups welcome new members throughout the year as well. You do not need to be a member to participate. We also offer training for those who want to start new groups of their own. For more information email ChristCare.

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