Spiritual Development Opportunities For All Ages

At Woods we believe that we are constantly learning from and about God throughout our lifetimes. We never get to a point when we are done in our discipleship, or reach a place when we can say “we know all there is to know.” So we provide a wide variety of opportunities throughout the year designed to enable all ages to grow in their faith and understanding of God and Christian discipleship. You do not need to be a member of Woods, a Bible expert, or life-long Presbyterian in order to participate.  Just click on the link for the age group you are interested in to learn more about the available opportunities, registration and more.

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       (Children: 0 through 5th Grade)                   (Middle School: 6th through 8th Grade)         (Confirmation: 9th Grade)

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       (High School: 10th - 12th Grade)                            (Adult Bible Studies)                                               (College)

Life Awareness Seminars 2015


Belonging Tree


Belonging - as children of God - Means that we take our spiritual life journeys seriously.

Spiritual Director, Bill Hocking, will facilitate a series of seminars focused on deepening our spiritual journey.

To learn more about these seminars click this here or contact Rev. Nancy Lincoln Reynolds or Rev. Dr. brandon Frick. To register for this event online click here or contact Nancy Sullivan.