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The title “disciple” includes both identity and purpose. A disciple is a learner, believer, follower, proclaimer. At Woods, Disciple also refers to a small group program which equips seekers and followers of Jesus Christ to deepen their understanding of God and God’s way through in-depth Bible study. Through daily reading and weekly discussions, Disciple participants dwell in the Word of God, and in so doing learn more about themselves as well as God, while at the same time developing close friendships with others in their group.

“Every year people come to me when it is time to register for Disciple worried about the work involved in doing a year-long Bible study. Yet every year those same people come to me after the program is over asking me to help them find a way to enable their group to continue meeting. They don’t want it to end! Disciple is life-transforming in the most wonderful way. Once you begin, you soon discover that what you’ve signed up for is not a class with lots of homework, but rather a spiritual community which leads to all kinds of life-changing blessings.”      Rev. Elizabeth D. McLean

Disciple Small group registration takes place in August and early September. View brochure to find the details about the groups being offered this year.

Disciple Class Descriptions