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Small Groups

Welcome to Woods Small Groups Ministry! The groups featured here enthusiastically invite you to join them in fellowship and study. You'll notice there are two types of groups: ChristCare and Journey groups. ChristCare groups are led by trained ChristCar leaders and focus on four areas in their gatherings: fellowship, worship, study and mission. Journey groups all gather together for study and fellowship, but vary in their interests and areas of focus. However, both groups connect us to one another outside of worship, creating space and opportunities for further spiritual growth.

Woods is a large church where making personal connections can, at times be difficult, but even outside of Woods, we live in a world that no longer values relationship-building as it once did. As opportunities of fellowship, learn and pray together are left unfulfilled, they become a detriment to discipleship and the spirtiual health of individuals and the church as a whole. Scripture tells us sthat we were made to live in relationship with God and one another, so if you are looking for a place to belong and grow, I encourage you to join one of these groups. I pray you find a group with whom you can share your joys and burdens, and in which you encourage one another to love God and neighbor every more deeply.

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