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Maureen Adams
Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care
Holly Albrecht
Director of Family Life
Elizabeth Baril
Director of Youth and Their Families
Keisha Gill
Administrative Assistant for Worship, Music and Art
Kathie Hamlett
Sunday Worship Assistant
Lindsey Hemelstrand
Director of Missions and Communications (emphasis on missions)
Jerome Keemer
Jerome Keemer
Jessica Kemper
Director of Woods Child Development Center
Sarah Kent
Director of Contemporary Music
Jeanette Kreuzburg
Director of Missions and Communications (emphasis on communications)

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Tom Lerario
Director of Finance and Property
Rachel Lunde
Administrative Assistant for WELCOME

Rachel Lunde


Ted Markle
John McLaughlin
Director of Property and Records
David Merrill
Director of Music and Art
Jeffery Pack
Cindy Snapp
Administrative Assistant for Youth and Their Families
Nancy Sullivan
Coordinator for Counselling and Care Center
Pam Ward
Database Management and Administrative Assistant for Adult Education, Small Groups, Young Adults, and Missions
Carolyn Watkins
Kitchen Coordinator