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Woods Counseling and Care Center

Counceling Picture OutsideThe Woods Counseling and Care Center is dedicated to facilitating the growth and wellness of individuals, couples, families and systems in a setting offering nurture, enlightenment, counseling and well-being.  The Center is a specialized ministry of the church offering help to individuals and to couples and families who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Anyone who is attempting to cope with depression, anxiety, stress, issues related to loss and grief, parenting or marital concerns, and the spiritual questions may call to schedule an appointment with one of the professional and pastoral counselors on staff. These counselors are trained to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of life especially as they interface with theological and spiritual beliefs.

Options for assistance are provided below to help you direct your call.

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Counseling Resources:

Lori Janssen, Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical
Providing individual and couples counseling, addiction, and substance abuse counseling.

Nancy Lincoln Reynolds, M.Div., Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist
Providing individual, couples & family counseling.

Lou Applebaum, Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical
Providing individual and adolescent counseling, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation counseling.

John Gibbons, Ph.D., Psychologist
Providing individual and adolescent counseling.

Tanise Stevens, LCPC
Providing individual and couples counseling, depression, trauma, and substance abuse counseling

Care Center Providers:

Nancy Sullivan, M.A., Counseling & Care Center Coordinator

Barbara Gass, M.A., Assistant Coordinator

Spiritual Directors:

Bill and Teri Hocking, practitioners of spiritual direction for many years, have joined the Woods Pastoral Care Team.  They will meet with individuals who wish to deepen their spiritual journeys at the Woods Pastoral Care & Counseling Center.  Bill prefers to call their work that of a spiritual friend, mentor, or guide.  It is a time when two people come together to explore and experience the presence of God in their lives.

To arrange a meeting with Bill or Teri at the Woods Pastoral Care & Counseling Center, call 410.349.0329, or email or

In lieu of an hourly fee, Bill and Teri suggest that a donation be made to Woods Church Pastoral Care Fund.

Professional Coach:

Bill Daniel